What Sustainability means for B-Pack®

The need to safeguard the environmental balance is of increasing interest to the manufacturing world. Our dedication to design, which has set us apart over the years, continues to have as its primary objective the development of formulations that follow acircular economy.
Our customers are also engaged in this fair but difficult challenge, and together with them, we are working to find innovative solutions for a more sustainable world.

Our commitment to this is all encompassing: from finding new resins to reduce materials released into the environment, to developing products that can help with recycling, to the search for new bio-basedbiodegradable and compostable materials that overcome existing application restrictions.

Research and collaboration with raw material suppliers allow us to develop solutions that limit the impact that our materials have on the environment, reducing thicknesses with the same performance and minimising the volumes placed on the market.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis is the cornerstone of formulation and technological choices.


A great deal of attention is paid to the continuous development of so-called mono-materials, i.e. films made from a single resin or a single family of resins, which are easy to recycle and guarantee excellent technical characteristics commonly found in multilayer materials.

Coextruded barrier films PP or PE based, low seal to be laminated with BOPP, BOPE o MDOPE to ease the mechanical recycle.

Available also as:

  • Clear and white pigmented
  • Peelable


PP coextruded barrier film for Thermoforming applications

Bio Based Films

PE based films produced by renewable sources, gas barrier, coextruded, carbon neutral to be used in lamination.

Available in different thicknesses.


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