Food & Medical, the merging of two excellences

The recent inclusion of B-Pack in the world of B. Braun was another step towards the consolidation of a company that for many years has been in pursuit of high quality standards in packaging in both the medical and food sectors.

For this reason, the ISO 9001 certified Quality System finds its natural completion in ISO 13485 which will allow B-PACK to certify the achievement of requirements for the packaging of medical device. At the same time, the Certification obtained in the food sector, ISO 22000 in 2011, has made it possible for this sector to ensure the highest possible levels of packaging hygiene and safety. Thanks to the synergy obtained by combining these globally recognised Standards, B-Pack has acquired:

  • High standards of hygiene and sanitisation of premises, systems and equipment.
  • HARA process applied at all levels of the workflow.
  • Production departments subject to environmental analysis ISO 14644, ISO Class 9 and Eudralex, Grade D.
  • Ongoing training of all staff to boost and consolidate their qualifications.
  • Accurate Quality Control Plan on supplies, raw materials and finished products.
  • Quality Assurance and Food Contact Expert Unit, reference points for all legal, medical and food compliance aspects.

The sharing of acquired experiences and the new challenges that await us can only strengthen the Quality System structure even more which, fully committed to the company’s mission, can continue to guarantee compliance with the quality, legality, safety and integrity of all the products supplied, in an increasingly effective way and in line with the Group’s objectives.

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